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    about us

    Founded in 2009, Shenzhen Tronsun Motor ( Funtain Motor) is a professional micro dc motor manufacturer and marketer. With annual capacity of 65 million pcs, our factory has our own high producing standard based on ISO9001 certificate.

    Our main products are Micro DC Brush Motor, DC Gear Reduction Motor, DC Brushless Motor and DC Coreless Motor for use in Automotive, Home Appliance, Coreless Power Tool, Robot, Intelligence Product, Office Equipment, Medical Device, Electric Toys, RC Models, Industrial Equipment and Audio and Visual Equipments etc.

    Since its inception in 2009, Tronsun Motor has become a major supplier of Micro DC Motor and Product Solutions for its professional R&D Department, accurate market positioning and high quality products.

    Corporate Vision: Provide customers with better solutions to make your products more competitive.

    Corporate Mission: WE SPREAD YOUR IDEA, driving a better life.

    Corporate Values: Customer-Oriented, Respect the Individual, Professional and Enterprising, Create Win-Win Cooperation.

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